In the heart of Milan, in a lovely and characteristic space in an old building, Espace de beautè is an exclusive Hair Coach & fashion Atelier which will make you live a dream: refresh or discover your ideal look, projected to the most “IN” you can find. In the Hair Coach & Fashion salon you will feel totally cuddled, in the hands of professionals of beauty and fashion, who will welcome you in a unique, embracing, dynamic and innovative atmosphere. Whoever loves fashion and is constantly looking for new trends will find a chic, alternative and refined space, or the ideal environment. Unique in the Milan scene for the quality and type of services offered, Espace de beautè is the mouthpiece of the concepts of unconventional beauty and tailor made: our beauty and fashion professionals, through a completely innovative process, will think of a totally personalised service, tailor made on your needs.

Abla Barka

Espace de beautè is a creation by Abla Barka, notorious international hair coach, who lived most of her life abroad (Europe, Asia, Middle East) looking, analysing, tasting and dreaming to mature her full rounded vision of beauty. People say of her she embodies the new generation of world citizens: she was born in Belgium from French father and from Algerian mother and this built her open approach, emphatic with the most diverse cultures. Thanks to these experiences and to her diverse cultural background, she realised that beauty can be made of a RATIONAL and EMOTIONAL component…