de beautè

Our space represents the beauty. We firmly believe beauty is can be found everywhere: in the smile of a woman looking at herself into a mirror, in the pages of a book, in the smell of a coffee, in the click of a camera, in the eyes of a man sure of himself, in having someone to take care of you. The beauty is not only on the outside: feeling beautiful starts from the inside. The beauty is to feel comfortable in a space which represents you, a versatile and multifunctional space where you can always find new trends, but with the same people. The beauty lies where you can take a coffee or having a chat with someone, where you can change look, style, or only having a quick trim, where you can read specialised magazines or visit an art exhibition. Whichever is your idea of beauty, here you would feel at home and in total harmony with yourself.

" to create a positive emotional state within people, linked to their look and able to mature through self-esteem and real changes of everyday life "